About The Mushroom Pot

Singapore’s First Mushroom Hot Pot Restaurant – Indulge in the best of Chinese fusion cuisine at The Mushroom Pot. Featuring over 20 types of imported and wild mushrooms, The Mushroom Pot is the first of its kind in Singapore. With our signature mushroom hot pot (steamboat) and variety of exciting mushroom dishes, The Mushroom Pot puts a refreshing twist to traditional Chinese cuisine.

In The PotDip into The Mushroom Pot’s signature hot pot for a delightful and nourishing treat. The genius of The Mushroom Pot is our fabulous wild mushroom soup, accompanied by more than 20 types of wild mushrooms and the freshest seafood and meats. The Mushroom Pot will awaken your palette to the delicious taste of mushrooms and give new meaning to your traditional steamboat.

And Beyond - Out of the pot, our chefs have created an eclectic variety of inventive Chinese dishes. Prepared with a combination of different cuisine styles and ingredients, our unique assortment of ala carte and signature mushroom dishes will surely tantalize your taste buds. There’s always something that everyone can enjoy at The Mushroom Pot.

About Mushrooms

For centuries, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have used mushrooms as medicinal cures. In more recent times, medical studies have also concluded that mushrooms contain substances believed to perform a host of medicinal functions such as increase immunity, reduce cholesterol, improve digestion, promote blood circulation and reduce fatigue. Most fascinating of all is new research suggesting the possibility that mushrooms possess cancer-preventing properties.

Mushrooms are undeniably well loved in many parts of the world. A wide variety can be found in the cuisines of different countries and is instrumental in enhancing the flavours of many dishes. At The Mushroom Pot, we have handpicked the finest mushrooms for your dining pleasure.

Come and take a pick from our potful of delightful treasures!


Our mushrooms may vary from season to season.